You're a child of summer wearing flowers in your hair,
Cherry-ripe, this summer, so enchanting it's not fair.
When you reach to kiss me, love, you take me unaware.
You're so young and lovely, I'll take care.

You're a child of summer in a world you've never seen.
Prettier than robins hopping in a field of green,
Eyes so bright, so innocent, but lips so red, so keen,
You're a lovely thing, sweet seventeen.

I am lost in winter, like a star behind a cloud,
Slipping into darkness, sometimes cold, and always proud...
My little one,

How can I make promises and lead you into night?
How I long to hold you, but my arms don't have the right.
Golden child of summer, I will love you...out of sight,
When you're older, Darling - Love? We might.

Music and Lyrics copyright 1954-1979-1992-1998 by Louise Jackson Doyle

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