There's a funny little place I used to go,
With a honey of a girl I used to know.
You could find us there most any summer night.
In a tiny booth I used to hold her tight.

For a nickel, there was music in the air,
And a tickle in the fragrance of her hair.
There was laughter, there was fun,
And heaven until one,
In that funny little place I used to go.

Her hand in mine, a tingle down my spine,
And every single beer was sparkling wine.
A little crowd, where we could sing aloud,
And dance our way to heaven on a high, pink cloud.

There were dancing feet to match the music's beat,
And a menu if you thought you'd like to eat.
Oh, I've been 'most everywhere, but nothing can compare,
With that funny little place I used to go.

Music and Lyrics copyright 1954-1979-1992-1998 by Louise Jackson Doyle

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